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  • Your IT support hotline: +49 6103 40456 - 700
IT support immediate help by server failure network problems

If you have an IT emergency, our helpdesk is available to help you straightaway!

IT support in the event of a server failure or network problems: Our helpdesk

Do you have an acute IT problem, for example a server failure or a network problem? With our IT support, we will help you to solve this in a very uncomplicated way. Our IT emergency assistance is primarily aimed at medium-sized companies and public administrations. Our helpdesk experts – for example in the area of server support – are available for you in emergencies at any time – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even on public holidays.

You can reach our IT support in case of emergencies at
+49 (0) 61 03 / 404 56-700

No maintenance contract required!

Resolve a network problem or server failure without a maintenance contract

A special feature of the cooperation with our customers is that we support you without a maintenance contract. This means that you do not have to commit yourself to us by contract – especially in the event of an acute IT problem – but can decide individually which services you require from us.

For example, we can help you with server support. In the event of an IT emergency, our IT emergency assistance without a contractual obligation is a major advantage.

Our IT support will help you in the event of:
  • Server failure
  • Server problem
  • Network problem
  • Printer failure
  • Security incidents
  • Problems with common software

IT support: We resolve your IT problem in just three steps

abass Helpdesk

You report your IT problem to our helpdesk at
+49 (0) 61 03 / 404 56 – 700

No maintenance contract required!
abass Helpdesk

Our helpdesk employee will answer your call personally. You explain your problem and our IT support will take care of your problem – usually within 20 minutes (maximum of two hours). For this you only have to pay our regular hourly rate.

abass Helpdesk

Our employee will explain that we will now connect to your system in order to find and eliminate the cause of the error. Usually this is done quickly and easily in the form of remote maintenance. In the event of major IT problems – such as a firewall failure – we will of course also send a technician to you on site.

How does our IT support work?

You can reach our first level support directly via our hotline, even outside office hours. So if you have an emergency IT problem, you can contact our IT support – because our IT specialists are always here for you. We guarantee a response time of no more than two hours. This is also the case, by the way, if you are not an existing customer. We offer you the immediate IT assistance you need.

Resolve software problems with our IT support

In our daily work in the helpdesk we deal with your individual IT problem. Our IT experts are not just familiar with common office software, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Outlook. We are also your IT experts for medium-sized businesses and therefore we also deal with other software, including Cisco, Sophos, VMware, QNAP, Swyx, Exchange, Linux (Red Hat, CenOS etc.), SQL or Citrix.

Solve an IT problem remotely

In most cases, we can solve your IT problem quite comfortably via Remote Desktop (RDP). In the course of this, we can easily solve problems with Microsoft Exchange, Windows Server, Terminal Server or the Manage Engine. If you have a major IT problem – such as failure of your internet connection or firewall – we will of course send a technician to your site.

Prevent server failures and server problems

You may not have an acute IT problem right now, but are you worried that an emergency – such as a server problem or server failure – could occur at any time? As part of our managed services, we support you in the regular maintenance of your IT.

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