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IT operations: High-performance, safe and stable

You want stable, high-performance IT operations? Our IT service supports you in this!

IT operations: High-performance, safe and stable

Is it important to you that your IT operations are fail-safe? We will be happy to support you, for example, with the regular maintenance of your IT. With our IT service we take care of many other IT problems in addition to IT security. If you attach importance to stable IT operations, our IT service for medium-sized businesses is just the right thing for you. You can also benefit from our comprehensive services because we ensure that your IT infrastructure is safe and reliable. Of course this applies to both software and hardware. Furthermore, you can also rely on us with regard to IT security. That’s because We are your IT system vendor for secure and stable system performance.

We are your IT system vendor for secure and stable system performance:
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IT services and IT operations: Which ones do we offer?

Our IT services are comprehensive and are tailored precisely to your needs. We are happy to support you with your IT operations at regular intervals. You can select these according to your needs, for example monthly, weekly or daily. Our IT service can of course also be conveniently booked as a one-off service. We are THE IT service provider for your stable, high-performance and secure IT system environment – and you don’t have to commit yourself to a maintenance contract.

Overview of our IT services

IT maintenance at regular intervals
Service can be booked according to requirements – even once
Services without a maintenance contract

Our approach: Our IT service for your stable IT operation


Coordination of requirements

Systemmonitoring und Patch-Management

System monitoring and patch management

abass IT Betrieb Individuelle Systemadministration

Individual system administration

1. We discuss your requirements and needs.

First of all, we agree with you on exactly which IT support you need. We take into account your wishes with regard to on-site or remote support. In addition, you can tell us which form of support you would like – for example, in which regular cycle we may support you. Based on this information and an initial system analysis, for which we check your IT infrastructure on site, we develop a concept in consultation with you. What should the operation of your IT look like? We also give you concrete recommendations for action in this regard. Our IT service is very flexible – we respond quickly and proficiently to any change requests. At regular intervals, we will exchange views and experiences to determine whether the concept we are considering is still suitable for your IT operations.

2. We carry out system monitoring and patch management for you.

A regular IT service and IT support also includes the continuous monitoring of relevant systems. This is essential for secure, high-performance IT operations. In addition to the regular updates announced by hardware and software providers, this includes intensive monitoring of server systems, switches and internet access. By the way, we will be happy to carry out regular maintenance work for you, even if you do not otherwise require continuous support in your IT operations. On request, we can check your backend systems and inform your IT administrator if maintenance is required – or we can repair the relevant components ourselves in order to relieve your IT staff.

3. We offer you individual system administration.

On the basis of the requirements determined with you, we will be happy to provide you with support in line with our jointly developed concept. In doing so, we always guarantee you maximum flexibility. For example, if you want to change the maintenance schedule or if a change is pending within your IT system. We are always here for you – even if the support of your IT operations is guaranteed, but you would like support in other areas. We take over the system administration individually tailored to your needs – without a maintenance contract and with no hidden costs.

IT operations: These services are part of our IT service

We take care of the entire lifecycle of your IT landscape, no matter whether backend, client devices or security.
With our IT service we cover the entire range of IT services, including for example:

  • IT services

  • Data storage

  • Web hosting

  • Security & protection

  • Mobile device management

  • Network services

  • Application services

  • Monitoring & management

Our service on demand: Your IT service without a maintenance contract

We offer our comprehensive IT services to ensure your IT operations remain smooth, including our service on demand. This comprises comprehensive IT services, which you can book with us within the desired framework. You do not need to sign a maintenance contract for this. Our work is project-based, but we are also happy to work on call – so we are there for you exactly when you need us. We design our IT service to be as flexible as you wish. In the event of an acute IT emergency, our helpdesk will of course provide you with immediate support.

Stable IT operations makes your life easier as an IT admin

You are probably familiar with this from your day-to-day business: Every employee at your company probably turns to you if they have an IT problem. Once you have dealt with these issues, there is hardly any time left to guarantee secure, high-performance and stable IT operations of your IT infrastructure. If you opt for us as your IT service provider, you will benefit in many ways: We help you to maintain your IT operations as part of our on-site support. We relieve you and take care of all important issues and your IT projects with our IT service, such as IT security.

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