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IT system vendor - consulting and implement your it project

You want to implement an IT project? We support you as IT system vendor from IT consulting to implementation!

IT system vendor: We plan and implement your IT project

Comprehensive IT consulting is required in order to successfully implement an IT project. As if you do not define clear goals, do not follow a clearly structured process or set an unrealistic timetable, IT projects are often doomed to failure. We therefore always work according to the motto: IT projects in time, in budget and in quality. Within the scope of our IT consulting services, as an IT system vendor we always adhere to carefully defined goals, to our schedule and – as is particularly important to many medium-sized companies – we always stay within the fixed budget.

We are your IT system vendor for your individual IT project:
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How does our IT consulting work?

Within the scope of our IT consulting, we can draw on 30 years of expertise. In the cooperation with our customers we prefer a fixed, tried-and-tested approach. As an IT service provider and IT system vendor, we offer you the very IT consulting you need for IT project management. However, we not only offer you comprehensive IT project management for your IT infrastructure, but will also be happy to implement the IT project for you. Our goal is always to complete your IT project within the specified time, budget and quality.

To this end, we proceed in a three-stage process:


System analysis

IT-Projekt Konzeptionierung

Conceptual design

IT-Projekt Implementierung


IT project stage 1: System analysis

The first step of our IT consulting services is our comprehensive IT system analysis. This involves us coming to you and examining your IT infrastructure in detail on site. The aim of the system analysis is to identify challenges for the project. As through the detailed analysis we want to ensure that the IT project runs as smoothly as possible for you.

IT project stage 2: Conceptual design

The results of our IT system analysis are incorporated into further IT consulting. As an IT service provider in IT project management, we compare the current status with the desired target status planned by the IT manager or management. As part of the conceptual design we define the project framework. We will also discuss your IT budget with you. Another important thing for you to know is that we will not exceed the budget limit. In the best case scenario, it will even be cheaper for you than originally estimated. We deal intensively with your needs during this phase. We work highly individually and create an IT concept tailored to the needs of each of our customers.

IT project stage 3: Implementation

The third stage of our IT consulting comprises the implementation phase. As an IT system vendor, we prefer so-called soft implementation. We would like to ensure that you do not experience any downtimes. Your employees will not even notice that we, as an IT service provider, are working in the background. Our goal is to complete your IT project without any disruptions.

Our project manager maintains an overview of the IT project

Part of our personal consulting concept is that we assign a project manager to each IT project, who controls your project in IT project management. From our side, the manager always maintains an overview and works closely with the appropriate person in your company – for example, your IT manager or other project managers. In a final meeting we discuss the course of the project and discuss topics to ensure your smooth IT operation. Further cooperation beyond the individual IT project is of course also possible.

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