• Data Processing Center
    • Data Processing Center -
      Your IT-Soulution

    • System-, network- and safety analysis in order to optimize your EDP-landscape
    • EDP-consulting and project management on the basis of more than 20 years of EDP-experience

Data Processing Center - Your IT - Solution

Konrad Delp | Geschäftsführer der abass GmbH

Do you want to accommodate your IT-systems secure, stable and high-performant, whilst at the same time have them fully available? Shall your systems always be accessible without interruptions and fully air-conditioned?

  • This is exactly what is provided by our data center.
  • We look after your systems with optimal individual solutions. We provide you with your customized “Private Cloud”.
  • We guarantee the operation according to German law and the highest standards in our data processing center in Frankfurt am Main.


Outsource Systems, Relieve Resources and Reduce Costs

Are you working up a sweat when thinking about your IT? Nowadays, modern IT-landscapes very often consist of a number of complex systems. In order to ensure a smooth process, the different hardware- and software components have to interact properly and in condition of stability. This requires a high level of know-how, may result in additional costs and can be very time-consuming. For instance, many small and medium-sized enterprises even fail during the difficult task of finding qualified personnel. Another problem can be seen in implementing your own IT-infrastructure.

A server room occupies valuable floor space and has to be protected in means of technical measures. Since these investments are costly, it often remains at an equipment of minimal protection. How are you able to avoid these time and cost factors? How do you achieve optimal utilization of resources?

  • By outsourcing the IT, companies are able to entirely concentrate on their core competences.
  • To what extent you may outsource your IT-infrastructure – either completely or partially – is your own decision. Just contact us.