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abass Solution - IT Solved in Person

Sought…and found. With our hardware- and software solutions, we are able to support your entire business process. We devote all our competence to the test of newest technologies for you and find the product that suites you best.

The Right Choice for You

Without an appropriate consultation, it can be challenging to find a suitable enterprise-software in the complex market. In particular for small and medium-sized companies, the problem often lies in selecting the right IT-solution for their own company out of the wide range of products.

The degree of complexity of this process is further enhanced due to the consideration of time and amount. In addition to this, many companies lack the technical expertise for the decision-making. With our extensive experience and our wide knowledge of the industry, we provide you with support throughout the entire process.

We support you in choosing the right hard- and software, and advise you in all questions with regard to security, storage and backup-solutions.

We offer approaches in the following areas:

  • Examination of your Business Processes
  • System Analysis in Preparation for the Best Product Choice
  • Recommendation Based on Tested Products
  • Support in Your Selection Process when Purchasing Newest Soft- and Hardware
  • Project Management for the Introduction of the Product
  • Installation by Our Experts
  • Further Support of Systems by Our Service on Demand
  • On Request: Maintenance Fees and Server Verification

Swyx - telephone system


The pace of change in communication and technology is challenging your organization in an unfamiliar way. In addition all analog and ISDN-based phone lines will be switched off in 2018. So your organization will need a competent company when moving to All-IP based communication soon.


That is exactly where Swyx joins the game: With SwyxIT they offer a future-proof communication model, consisting of an IP-based telephony solution and harmonized end-devices (SwyxPhone)

We are no longer talking just about voice communication, but all kinds of communication, including Fax and e-mail. Swyx takes best advantage of the Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC).

In addition Swyx offers the highest possible level of reliability. In case of a malfunction, the Swyx back-up Server also operates as a stand-by server, until the main server is up and running again.

The user-licenses are automatically transferred from the main server, so that the end users do not even realize any changes in the service level.


      • Easy telephone operation from the PC
      • Configurable User Interface (Skin-Technology)
      • Supporting Windows 7 and 8
      • Direct integration of telephone into Outlook/IBMLotus Notes
      • Video calls and Web-Conferencing
      • Individual call extension with the “Call Routing Manager” functionality
      • Scalability, Usability, Feature Richness


If you are interested in more detailed information, do not hesitate to contact us:


+49 (0) 61 03 / 4045 66 0

 BlackBerry - Enterprise Server 12


Many companies already run various different platforms, operating systems and end devices that needs to be connected and organized via Enterprise Mobility Management. The BES12 platform offers a secure and efficient administration and control of the Enterprise Mobility Management strategy on iOS, Android, WindowsPhone, Samsung Knox and BlackBerry devices in one single unified console.

Devices, Apps and data can be sorted by end users or user groups. The BES12 platform can be scaled to handle up to 25000 devices per server and 50000 devices per domain.

No matter if you need a multi device platform, a high security environment or a Multi-OS-BOYD-Scenario, with the BES12 platform you have full control on availability and usage of devices, apps and activities as well as on all company critical data. 



BES12 Cloud

  • Simple and powerfull solution
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Integrated web based user interfaces


BES12 On-Premise

  • Management – and control center for a secure company
  • Manage all mobile end points in one unified console
  • Take control of all your devices, Apps and data.

If you are interested in more detailed information, do not hesitate to contact us:


+49 (0) 61 03 / 4045 66 0

CAS genesis World - Customer Management!

The Market Leading CRM Solution for Medium-Sized Companies

  • We are a certified CAS-partner.
  • CRM – “Customer Relationship Management” – Optimal management and organization of customer relations
  • CAS genesisWorld – is the corresponding collaborative business strategy that places the systematic nurturing and the consequent maintenance of customer relations at the center of their attention.

We recommend

CAS PIA logo

CAS PIA, the web-based CRM-solution, for self-employed workers and small companies.


  • CAS PIA is the inexpensive entry into customer management – without an installation, cheap and secure. There is no easier way to customer management.
  • Contact us. We support you in the evaluation, the introduction of the project and even during current operations.

You can reach us:

+49 (0) 61 03 / 4045 66 0

Mail-Store - E-Mail Archiving

Legally Compliant Standards for E-Mail-ArchivingMailstore Technican

  • We are a certified MailStore partner.
  • E-Mail archiving relieves your E-Mail Server.
  • Your E-mails are stored permanently, central and secure.
  • Your business fulfills all legal requirements.
  • Your business is permanently protected against data-loss.

Mailstore 8 Box

MailStore allows you to control your PST-data, an “One-Click-Restore” for all users and reduces the required memory space.




  •  Contact us. We support you in the evaluation, the introduction of the project and even during current operations.

You can reach us:

+49 (0) 61 03 / 4045 66 0

windream - Archive System

The Universal Enterprise-Content-Management System for all Requirements

  • We are a certified windream – project – partner.
  • Windream is the only ECM-system world-wide that was entirely integrated into the operating system.
  • It is characterized by an intuitive operation and it does not need a separate user interface.


  windream-Search – new design, more overview.

  Single Instancing – nothing twice anymore / duplicate check

File "P" – the user-specific recycling bin / simple restoring of deleted documents

Contact us. We support you in the evaluation, the introduction of the project and even during current operations.

+49 (0) 61 03 / 4045 66 0